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Reveal the Goddess Within


Naked Tan

The World's first 2 hour Wash 'n' Wear
Black Magic - Vibe Evolution
Vibrant Colour 1 hour Wash 'n' Wear

Professional Spray Tanning Solution
Welcome to Glamorous Glow Tans. We use Naked Tan & Black Magic - Vibe Evolution  which will give you a glamorous glow and a great natural looking tan which is Wash 'n' Wear in just 1 & 2 hours compared to all other brands which are 8 hours.  You can be assured of a beautiful, radiant and long lasting tan for up to 10 days EVERYTIME! 
The reasons why people decide to have a spray tan:
  • Some people believe they look better with a tan
  • Some people said they feel more youthful with a tan
  • Some people feel it represents summer and  radiant skin
  • Some people just feel happier and more confident with a tan
Other reasons for wanting a spray tan are:
  • Hens Parties
  • Weddings & Engagments
  • A Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Celebrating your Birthday
  • Formal Occasions
  • School Formals
  • Body Building Competition
  • Dancers
  • Going on holidays
  • Just want to feel good about yourself
Spray Tanning is a healthy and safe way to achieve that perfect glamorous glow without the UV damage to your skin.
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